Sunday, January 8, 2012

I really did LOL

These made me laugh so hard it was like an ab workout:

Weird requests to the Canadian consulate in 2011

Canadian living in Cairo asked officials to escort her mother-in-law out of the Canadian woman's apartment.

A U.S. citizen called to inquire about how she could get a Canadian passport.  Told she could not get one because she was not a Canadian citizen, the woman replied by saying she thought an American going to Canada needed a Canadian passport.

The parents of a Canadian man serving time in a German prison asked officials to rescue him by sending a helicopter into the prison yard.

Stupid 911 requests to Canadian police in 2011

Woman called after being denied entry to a nightclub.  She forgot her ID and wanted an officer to attend to verify her name and prove to security that she was legal.  When she was told police don't do that, she argued they should.

A man called 911 to request an ambulance for a friend.  Before the call ended, a man was heard in the background saying, "Don't worry, I'll get rid of the dope."  Police attended but were unable to find any drugs.

A woman called police to have a man removed from her residence.  She no longer wanted his company after they were sharing a sofa to sleep on.  She wanted the other end but the man wouldn't switch.

A woman called 911 because her cats ate her Whopper and she wanted another one.

A man called 911 to report his vehicle was just stolen from his driveway.  He provided a description and direction of travel.  Officers searched but were unable to locate it until they attended his house and found the vehicle still in his driveway.  It turned out the man saw a vehicle just like his drive past his house and jumped to the conclusion his had been stolen.

Best Facebook posts of 2011