Sunday, September 30, 2012

Opening the shades

I didn't plan on taking a 6 month break from blogging, but somewhere along the way the TMI queen in me died.  When I first set up my blog in December 2010, I gave the address to a bunch of friends and acquaintances, hoping they would be my first readers.  As 2011 rolled on, I realized I wanted my blog to be anonymous so I could write about whatever I wanted, without the hesitation of how that post might impact my in-person relationships.  For example, I'd like to talk about my deep appreciation for 50 Shades of Grey without having to explain it to my mother-in-law.

So here I am with a new name and address, excited to be free but a little lonely too.  I had to leave my follower list behind and it feels weird being the new girl again.  Still, I'm glad to be back.