Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm not dead

Just conserving my energy for the A-Z challenge, which starts in (yikes!) five days. I can write 26 posts over Easter weekend, right? Because it's highly unlikely to happen on the actual days of the challenge, seeing as how I'm already running on about four hours sleep a night. I'm loving being back at work from mat leave, but I'm exhausted on a whole other level now that I can't rest with the kids during the day.

The other day Sass and Little Man took turns getting up all night, and I came thisclose to falling asleep in a meeting the next day. As in, I had to stab myself in the leg with a pen under the table so the pain would keep me awake. The bruising has gone down, but I'm still tired.

I'm starting to really miss blogging, so I'm excited for the challenge. I've already chosen my theme and planned each day's general topic. It's just the actual writing that I haven't done yet.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The violent bookworm

Ahhhhh. That felt so good. The problem with being a passionate person is that I sometimes don't notice my love of a new hobby sickening into disgust until it's too late. I'm glad I realized I was beginning to hate blogging in time to take a break. Nothing personal to my online friends; sometimes I just get sick of hearing myself talk and I need to take a short vow of written silence. Can't keep this chatterbox quiet forever though!

A few weeks ago someone asked me if I was excited to be going back to work from maternity leave. I'd been having a bad day and said, "God, yes! I can't wait to go to work where I won't have to listen to whining all day and no one will crap on me." Yeah, walked right into that joke. Three days in and I'm still in the honeymoon phase, so it's been pretty awesome so far. Little Man is adjusting well to daycare, which doesn't surprise me since he's such a happy, mellow little guy.

Sass, on the other hand...not so much. My mini-me flew into a rage last week when a little boy tried to take the book she was reading. As a result, Jay walked into the preschool room and found the teacher leaning over the little boy on the floor, icing his bloody face, while Sass kicked at the wall from her perch in the time-out corner. Apparently Miss Cage Fighter 2013 (Toddler division) had slugged this boy before clawing him up. Who knew bookworms could be so violent?

After Jay scolded her, Sass gave the little boy a big hug and kiss, told him she was sorry for beating him up, and gently patted his head. This was encouraging, but now we need to teach her that abuse is not acceptable just because you apologized and were really nice afterward (at least until you got mad again).

Geez, I hope I don't end up visiting this child in juvie in ten years. I don't have to worry about Sass following along with the bad crowd: I'm more concerned she may end up leading it. She did get her temper and attitude from me though, and I grew up to be a suburban accountant married to my high school sweetheart, without so much as a speeding ticket to my name (they wipe them off your record after seven years, so I'm all good now). Maybe there's hope yet for a future that doesn't involve my baby girl slouching around in an orange jumpsuit.