Saturday, May 25, 2013

As sexy as I wanna be

I probably shouldn't start my first post in awhile by ranting, but fuck it. The whole point of this post is my impatience with censorship and prudishness, so taming my thoughts in said post would be a bit ridiculous. I'm trying to understand why such a flush of rage swept over me when I received a notice that Pinterest had removed one of my pins for "nudity". The pin in question is of a partially shirtless man with his finger hooked in his belt loop to pull down one side of his jeans to show his nicely defined hip flexor and some hair. GASP! No breast. No penis. No vagina. No buttocks.

I asked Pinterest to clarify their policy and they sent me an incredibly self-righteous generic note about how people look at their site around their families and at work, so they don't allow nudity. I pointed out that they had not answered the fucking question (I left out the f-bomb) and where exactly was the nudity? No reply. I don't know why this makes me so angry or why I feel so judgmental about all the Miss Prisses out there, but I just want to moon and yell a big FUCK YOU to all those uptight preachy people I've run into over the years.

Actually, I do know why. I've belonged to a zumba studio for the last few years and will start teaching a class in two weeks. Zumba is sexy. That's part of why people like it: it gets us back in touch with our inner 20 year olds, before parenting and full-time careers and the never-ending banality of daily life left us tired, old and fat. We've built a wonderful community at our studio and call each other our "zumba family."

Last week, a woman came to the studio for her second class and insisted that we keep all the doors closed (it was 30 degrees Celsius) and shut the curtains, because her religion doesn't allow men to see her. So the whole zumba "family," including at least two pregnant ladies, sweltered through the workout because Miss Priss wants to gyrate and writhe around in public, but only if no men can see her. What.the.fuck. I should note the studio is co-ed. Does this mean if a guy comes in we'll have to kick him out? Why does one person get to come into an established group and insist everything be rearranged to suit her, no matter how uncomfortable and in the case of the pregnant ladies, downright unsafe, it makes everyone else?

Usually I'm a more the merrier person who tries hard to be respectful and inclusive of everyone. Apparently I have a limit and this is it. I'm not a fan of strip clubs, so I don't go to them. It never occurred to me to go in and tell everyone to put their clothes back on and stop hooting and hollering because it made me uncomfortable.

And a partially shirtless man is NOT "nude". UGH.


  1. So, let me get this right - they're censoring your pin because the people who use their site can't take responsibility for where they use it? Wow. That sucks. (post the pic here instead ;) )

  2. Well now I feel safe to use pinterest...whatever the hell that is!

    As to the Zumba class that person should just be told that you can not change to meet any particular religious requests so she might just have to sacrifice going to your Zumba class. People need to avoid activities which their religion does not allow, not expect activities to conform to their religion!

    Can't eat where meat is served? Don't go to McDonalds.
    You are right to rant on both situations.

  3. You're going to be teaching your own class?!?!?! Yay!! If that woman ever comes to your class and makes the same requests, I fully expect you to (tactfully. We don't want you to get fired your first week)tell her no. She's asking too much.
    And I agree with Considerer. Why didn't you post it here so we could at least take a vote and tell you we agree with you?

  4. I hate when people try to impose their moral views on others. Live your life how you want, and don't tell me how to live mine, mmkay? It's really not that complicated.

    There are women-only fitness centers that would likely be a much better fit for that woman, and keeping the doors closed in a badly-ventilated space will make the temperature dangerous for everyone working out in there. Besides, if 20 women say no, it's too goddamn hot in here with the doors closed, then shouldn't that win out over Miss Modesty? I'm all for accommodation of religious requests when possible, but it's unreasonable to expect everyone to change just because you'd prefer them to.

  5. Ugh, I'd've been upset too. That sounds nothing like naked. And hello lady, don't go to a coed gym if men aren't supposed to see you. Not everyone else's problem!

  6. Totally justified. I mean, I use Pinterest quite a bit, and there are some *very* provocative images on there of women. Hello? I follow a lot of health/fitness boards with women in very short shorts or bikinis or whatnot. Now, I'm not complaining about all that, but sometimes it's a lot more alluring than straight-up nudity. Just ask my husband.

    (glad you're back. even if to rant.)


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